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To provide a home away from home where you can enjoy amazing coffee and tea.



Founded in 2018 our goal was simple: Provide a comfortable place to enjoy really great coffee and tea.

The name Sparrows represents many things to us. This type of bird is symbolic of friendliness, community, joy and simplicity which is our vision for the coffee shop’s atmosphere and the relationships we have with the people who come to visit us.

Our coffee is carefully sourced from people we have established relationships with. Often it is from their family farm that we are getting the beans from. We roast our beans each week at an offsite location a few miles away from our shop. This ensures our coffee is fresh for the best taste.

Our bagels and pastries are from Marsee Baking and they are known for their fresh-baked bagels and pastries.


Our vision is pretty simple: Provide great tasting coffee and tea and great customer service.

To ensure our coffee beans taste the best, we roast them ourselves. We carefully select products that are local, great tasting and have minimal processing. We believe that if you go to a specialty coffee shop the coffee should be special.

We want Sparrows Coffee to feel like your home away from home no matter if you are stopping by for your morning coffee, grabbing a quick breakfast sandwich or spending time studying with friends.


Roasted fresh each week

We roast our coffee to bring out the natural flavor of the bean. We avoid roasting each bean the exact same because each bean has its own unique way it wants to be roasted.

Featured coffee roasts



Columbia Decaf






Reservations Information

Rental Rate is $35 per hour for the space only. There are additional charges to have barista available at the coffee bar during your event. Coffee, tea and food items can be ordered for the event and will vary in cost depending on what is ordered.

To see what dates are available and start the reservation process, please contact us with your information. We will respond to your request in the order which it has been received. We try to respond within two business days.

We require payment to confirm. We will hold the space for up to 7 days or until we have received payment in-full and the space is confirmed. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and cash.


You and/or your group are responsible for set-up and clean-up. Be sure to calculate adequate time for setup and cleanup in your reservation.

Cleaning the space, involves sweeping the floors and mopping if necessary, placing trash/recycling in appropriate location, and wiping down the tables and chairs. A cleaning deposit is also required to ensure policies and agreements are upheld.

Please leave the space the same way you found it. The furniture may be rearranged, but must be returned to the original layout before you leave. 

Noise levels should be managed to respect neighboring business and people. 

Rental times are 4:30pm-9:00pm Monday-Friday, 4:30pm-11:00pm on Saturday and 4:30pm-10pm on Sunday.

We are located at 1625 SE Bybee Blvd, Portland, OR. This is the only entrance and exit for the space.

An Event Host is on staff during all hours of operation.  Make sure to check in with Event Host when you arrive.

We do not allow the use of alcohol, vaping or smoking on the property and no glitter or bird seeds. 

Keys are not given. The Event host will lock up the building once the event is over and everything is cleaned up.


For a 95% refund, cancellation must be made 30 days prior to the reserved date. We keep 5% to cover our staff time and bank fees.
For a 75% refund, cancellation must be made 14 days prior to the reserved date.
For a 50% refund, cancellation must be made 2 days prior to the reserved date.
If a cancellation is made within 48 hours of the event, there will be no refund.


Sparrows Coffee is not responsible for theft or loss of any property or belongings brought in the space.  Users are expected to take reasonable precautions to protect both personal and Sparrows Coffee’s property from loss and damage.

Users assume the risks for liability resulting from injury to persons using the facilities. Users will also reimburse Sparrows Coffee for any damage to the property or equipment resulting from the organization’s or individual’s use of the facility. All users are required to sign a Space Use Agreement before the start date of their event.


If your event is public, we will publish the title, description and any pertinent information you want on our public calendar. You are also welcome to bring in one flyer to post on our community bulletin board in the coffee house.



503 232 0000



Mon - Sat 7:00AM - 4:00PM

Sun 8:00AM - 4:00PM