Founded in 2018 our goal was simple: provide a comfortable place to enjoy really great coffee and tea.

The name Sparrows represents many things to us. This type of bird is symbolic of friendliness, community, joy and simplicity which is our vision for the coffee shop’s atmosphere and the relationships we have with the people who come to visit us. Our mission is to provide exceptional coffee and tea as well as quality food items.

Our coffee is carefully sourced from people we have established relationships with. Often it is from their family farm that we are getting the beans from. We roast our beans every Monday at an offsite location a few miles away from our shop. This ensures our coffee is fresh.

Our bagels and pastries have quite the history. Before we were a coffee shop, the building was a bakery for Marsee Baking. They were the local bagel stop for many of the local residents over the years. Known for their fresh baked bagels and pastries, we opted to continue to use their baked goods. They are delivered fresh each day.